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What is Symphony Sam©?
"Our message to kids is simple - classical music is fun," says Kabin Thomas, creator, writer and host of Symphony Sam©. Crafting a show for children which utilizes orchestral players introducing instrumental music interspersed with multi-media touches and a charismatic host is what Symphony Sam© is all about. The goal of Mr. Thomas and Symphony Sam© is to bring this show to as many children as possible across the United States, to create and foster enthusiasm and interest for classical music in children at a very young age.
  • Kabin Thomas and his team of enthusiastic music professionals are committed to bringing classical music to young children --- melodies, instruments, history, personalities and concepts.
  • Dedicated instructors will assist in supporting teachers and parents with the process of introducing classical music to children. Kabin and company provides positive, intimate experiences for young people through the “live” shows and performances.
  • Enjoyment, self-expression, creativity, appreciation and exploration of music is all stressed to provide the maximum benefit from the Symphony Sam © experience.
Basic concepts fundamental to pre-school and elementary music education include beat, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, style, form and meter. Whenever possible “comparatives” are used in the “either/or” form to make these concepts understandable to young children. For example, beat is steady or unsteady; pitch is high or low; dynamics are loud or soft; tempo is fast or slow and so forth. Age appropriate activities such as rhythmic clapping, chanting, dancing and other rhythmic movements are also a part of each Symphony Sam© presentation.

In addition to the musical content, Symphony Sam© is intended to have children actively involved in playing instruments. Much research has been done which shows that there is a direct correlation between the positive effects of music education and a student’s progress in many other scholastic fields. Symphony Sam© provides the fundamentals for children to develop a more active relationship with music in their lives. Arts funding in America amounts to less than one dollar per child per year states Wynton Marsalis, Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center. Music teaches teamwork. It also significantly contributes to greater brain function (GRAMMY® Magazine).

Make a real contribution to the young people in your community by booking a Symphony Sam© residency and performance during one of your upcoming seasons.